Jeff Ward
Submitted by Jeff Ward on Wed, 04/22/2015 - 03:55

Gear Review by NCMG owner and guide Josh Cole.

It’s spring and while we’re all happy to see the arrowleaf blooming in the Methow Valley, it’s also the time of year when we get reacquainted with the solar oven of sun and snow! A life spent outdoors can have some really positive consequences for the health of the soul, but it’s a bit rougher on the knees and the skin. Lots of guides have already “repurposed” Patagonia’s fishing line sun hoody for use on glaciers, and while the All Weather Hoody might be part of Patagonia’s trail running line, it makes for an outstanding sun protection piece for warm weather skiing and snow climbing.

Larry enjoying the the Full Zip Hoody in the Dolomites this Spring. Larry enjoying the the Full Zip Hoody in the Dolomites this Spring.

This piece makes it possible to cover up while staying as cool as possible. The entire back and underarms are made of mesh while the remainder is a material similar to silkweight capilene, but with more stretch. Spring is also the time of huge daily temperature swings and the All Weather Hoody has features for both the cold mornings and scorching afternoons. The deep zip neck allows for shedding heat and the full coverage hood can provide some quick warmth and fits nicely under a helmet. The cuffs have thumb holes so the sleeves can cover the backs of your hands (a very common place for skin cancer…). The all weather hoody has Patagonia’s polygiene permanent odor elimination treatment and UPF-15 sun protection. In terms of odor protection, so far, so good…but I’ll update you in a year or two! The sleeves also have a kind of goofy pull-over mitten (if any of you have put dealt with winter baby clothes, you know what these things are…) since these “mittens” also cover your thumbs, they’re not very functional if you’re gripping a pole or ice axe.

I’ve been wearing the All Weather Hoody this spring and I think it’s one of the most versatile pieces of outdoor clothing that I own.