Another Amazing High Alpine Tour, with Far Fewer Crowds than you will find on the Classic Haute Route.

Each year at NCMG we offer what we call the "rotating tap".  These trips are for people that have skied with us before and want to try something new. The trips we run vary from year to year, so if you see something you like and want to know when we will be running that trip again please send us an email and we will let you know!

The Silvretta Region of Austria, just north of the Ortler region of Italy, and close to the Swiss – Austrian border is another lesser known gem of the Alps. Less glaciated than the Ortler or Haute route, the region has an amazing system of very comfortable huts and a high number of summits that can be skied off of.  Much like the Ortler tour, while we do traverse the range, we spend several nights at a few of the huts to focus on skiing instead of just skiing hut to hut.  

Silvretta Tour
Trip Details

Program Cost Inclusions:

  • 2 Nights lodging in Galtur
  • Hut lodging fees
  • Breakfasts and Dinners in huts
  • All ground transportation during the trip
  • Use of avalanche transceiver
  • 7 days of guided skiing with IFMGA certified guides.

Program Cost Exclusions:

  • Travel insurance
  • Travel to and from Galtur, Austria
  • Drinks in huts
  • Lunches
  • Meals in Town
  • Skier rescue insurance
Silvretta Tour

The trip takes place in the Tyrol region of Austria, just north of the Swiss and Italian borders.  In fact, it is easy to look into the Ortler range of Italy or the Bernina group of Switzerland from numerous high points in the Silvretta region. We begin the trip in the charming alpine village of Galtur.  This town is the site of a historic tragedy when in February of 1999, a natural avalanche swept down into the town destroying numerous buildings and claiming the lives of 31 people.  The town has since rebuilt, utilizing numerous snow fences to anchor snow in the start zones, massive stone walls to protect structures and prohibiting buildings in the most vulnerable sites.

Day 1 - We begin the trip by catching the bus to the enormous ski area of Ischgl.  With the use of the enormous lift system, we have been able to ski downhill all the way to the Heidelberger Hutte, though if the skiing is good, we typically take a couple of runs on our way to the hut.

Day 2 – we head out from the Heidelberger Hutte, typically ski one of several peaks nearby such as the Lareinfernerspitze, and then climb over the Kronenjoch before enjoying an excellent descent down to our next destination, the Jamtal Hut. 

Day 3 - 4  We spend 3 nights at the Jamtal Hut and use our second and third days to ski one of the many ideal ski peaks nearby with one of our favorites being the Nordliche Augstenspitze. 

Day 5 – We leave the Jamtal hut, head out over the Obere Ochsenscharte and begin the descent to the Weissbadener Hutte.  This descent offers some great skiing as we head into our final hut, where we spend several nights. 

Day 6 – We spend the day touring out of the Weissbadener Hutte, where there are many fine ski peaks as well as some moderate mountaineering opportunities, such as the Silvrettahorn – the peak that the region is named for. 

Day 7 – If weather and energy are favorable, we can do a short tour out from the Hut, before heading down the valley on a “groomed” cat road to a large frozen lake.  After skating across the lake with poles extended, we get to schuss down true corduroy through a small ski area and all the way down to the village of Wirl.  From there a bus brings us right back to Galtur and its wonderful bakery.

Tradition has an après ski that afternoon in the town of Ischgl.  This town is legendary for its apres ski scene and while we typically don't get as wild as many of the locals, our experience was usually quite memorable.

Silvretta Tour
Equipment List
Available Guides
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Skills Required

To maximize your enjoyment on a tour of this nature, the most important skills to have are skiing skills. While most of the terrain is fairly moderate by resort standards, we typically encounter a wide range of snow conditions. It is important for skiers to be able to comfortably ski black runs at a ski area in any conditions. Further, you must be able to perform survival turns (hop turns, stem christie etc.) down steeper terrain and in very difficult snow conditions. Skiers should have some touring experience and be adept at using skins, performing kick turns and skiing with a small pack.

Previous Mountaineering experience is not required though will prove beneficial. We will cover skills such as the use of ski crampons, avalanche transceivers, boot crampons, ice axes, and traveling as a rope team. We have factored time into the tour to cover these skills thus ensuring a high degree of safety and comfort for all members of the team.

This tour will also demand a high degree of fitness. Obviously, you don’t need to be an Olympic athlete, as hundreds of people complete the tour every year, though the more fit you arrive, the more you will enjoy the tour. Not to mention having the energy to ski an extra run after arriving at the destination hut for the day.

If you have any doubts or concerns about your abilities or skiing skills, please don’t hesitate to call and address them. We will gladly offer training advice or we can arrange for some pre-trip training to ensure your skills are up to speed before embarking on this trip of a lifetime.