Josh Cole
Josh Cole

Joshua Cole, a co-owner of NCMG, has been adventuring in the mountains for more than 18 years, and guiding for 13. He has climbed and skied extensively in the North Cascades, Swiss Alps, Italian Dolomites, Sierra Nevada, New Zealand and the ranges of SW Montana. Josh has given trainings and presentations on wilderness risk management to numerous organizations and is a lead instructor for Wilderness Medicine Training Center. Josh has worked as a professional ski patroller in Montana and New Zealand, and has a former life as a geologist. Josh works in the North Cascades as a ski, alpine and rock guide for NCMG. Josh is an AMGA Certified Ski Guide, Single-Pitch Instructor and is working towards his AMGA certification in the rock, ski and alpine disciplines.

Guide Certifications

Avalanche Level 3 AIARE

AMGA - Ski Guide

AMGA Single Pitch Instructor