Rock Climb with the Whole Family!

Our family rock climbing program is one of the most popular family adventures in the Methow Valley. Join us for 4 hours of climbing in Mazama throughout the summer season. The program includes instruction, if desired, or can simply be a day of experiencing the art of rock climbing and rappelling.

We customize the entire adventure around your family’s abilities and goals — it can be a mellow climbing day including many breaks or can be non-stop challenging activity depending on your family.

We will choose our specific climbing destination based on that day's weather and your families goals. Regardless of the destination or goal; expect to have a great time together as a family, bonding over the challenge, the beauty of the environment, and the opportunity to embrace adventure in the heart of the Cascades. 

All family climbing adventures begin and end at our office in Mazama, directly behind the Mazama Store and above the Goat's Beard Mountain Supply.


Available Guides
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    Jeff Ward

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    Sid Pattison

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    Kirk Schumacher

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Skills Required
  • No experience necessary
  • All equipment provided (shoes, harness, and helmet)
  • Sessions are available in the morning and afternoon
  • Same day adventures often are available during the summer