2-Day Program Designed to Teach you the Basics of Rescuing a Fallen Leader or an Injured Partner

This is a 2-day program designed to teach you the basics of rescuing a fallen leader or an injured partner. This program is tailored to improvised climber rescue using only the equipment you are likely to have on a typical multi-pitch climb. Participants should be competent, traditional lead climbers.
Program Details

These courses are designed for climbers to attend with a partner (ideally your regular climbing partner). There must be a minimum of 2 climbers with a maximum of 4. If you don’t have a friend you would like to attend with, we may be able to pair you up with another climber. Call to inquire about this option.

  • Minimum 2 climbers
  • Maximum ratio: 4:1

Day One: We will use one of several local rock climbing sites where we can focus on all components of rock rescue individually.

Topics will include:

  • Anchoring methods and attachment
  • Belaying methods – pros and cons
  • Friction hitches
  • Belay escapes
  • Raising systems (2:1 through 9:1)
  • Lowering systems
  • Knot passes
  • Ascending systems
Significant time will be spent on understanding and comparing different systems. There are many ways to execute the above-mentioned topics and we will discuss the pros and cons of each system as related to equipment requirements and forces on the anchor. There will be demonstrations and lots of practice time for all participants.

Day Two: We will review the skills learned on day one and introduce the following topics:

  • Improvised harnesses
  • Rappelling Review
  • Simultaneous rappels
  • Rigging tandem rappels
  • Counterbalance rappels
  • Multi-rappel anchor transition
  • The blending of all skills in complex rescue scenarios

All skills will be taught by AMGA trained guides based on the most up-to-date industry standard techniques. All participants will be closely monitored and attached to safety backup systems during practice sessions.