Single and Multi-Pitch Sport Climbing on the Dry Side of the Cascades

In recent years the Upper Methow Valley has blossomed into a major sport climbing destination. With numerous crags and scores of routes in the moderate grades, Mazama is one of the best places in Washington to learn to rock climb, improve your climbing ability or focus on technical skills. We create safe, positive and effective learning environments for climbers of all abilities. We have taught hundreds of people how to climb and have taken many of them much further into the vertical environment than they ever dreamed possible.

Climbing Sisyphus 11a on Goat Wall

Our climbing days meet at the guide shop in Mazama where we review gear and goals for the day. We have harnesses, ropes, climbing shoes, helmets and belay devices for your use and can provide more specialized gear for specific programs such as rock rescue or learn to lead. We then drive a short distance to one of the local crags to begin our climbing day. Introductory climbing classes begin with basic skills including belaying and climbing movement. On full-day programs, we often have the time to introduce and practice rappelling skills. One of the benefits of working with a small custom guide service is our ability to customize a day to your needs. Are you looking to improve your climbing movement? Interested in learning to lead? Want to learn safe and efficient multi-pitch techniques? We can customize a climbing day to meet all these goals and many more!

Available Guides
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Skills Required

Introductory climbing classes require no previous experience or skill, other than a desire to learn and push your boundaries a bit!