Your Punchcard for Powder!

We love skiing. It’s that simple. If you can relate, the Backcountry Season Pass is for you. This is our way of rewarding your love of skiing and providing what we think is the best deal going to get you out there! Whether you are looking to develop your backcountry skills, or just want to get the goods when its good, this program gives you the flexibility you need to make the most of your winter.   

Backcountry Seasons Pass
Trip Details

Program Cost Inclusions:

  • 4 days of Midweek (M-F) guided backcountry skiing, including snowmobile transport to and from the trailhead if necessary
  • Bring a friend along for $75
  • E-mail alerts when the skiing is "going off"
  • Use of avalanche safety equipment
  • Subscription to Off-Piste magazine
  • 15% off merchandise at North Cascade Heli-Skiing

Fine Print:

  • Not valid on weekends or Holidays. You can convert your days to full price days for use on weekends or holidays if space is available. Days cannot carry over into the next season.
Backcountry Seasons Pass

Every year we have guests that ask us to call them when the skiing is really good. We decided to take this one step further and offer folks the chance to ski frequently throughout the winter and brush up on avalanche skills all at a discounted rate. We put together a package that would round out your winter ski experience and help take you to the next level in your skiing.

There are literally dozens of possible touring options available and we can accommodate a wide variety of skier abilities. We have taken out many first-time backcountry skiers and we can customize a tour to focus on avalanche safety, natural history or just getting the best turns possible. We do require some amount of pre-registration, so we can be sure that we have a guide available for you.

Backcountry Seasons Pass
Equipment List
Available Guides
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    Jeff Ward

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    Sid Pattison

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    Kirk Schumacher

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    John Schaefer

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    Drew Lovell

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    Steph Williams

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    Ryan Audett

Skills Required

Participants need not have prior backcountry skiing experience. If you have been dreaming about starting to ski the backcountry, this is an ideal way to gain a ton of experience and learn things the right way from the start.

For those that have toured before, the backcountry season pass is a great way to make sure you get as many days out as you would like with a trail breaking machine that knows where to go for the best turns. When your time is crucial, make the most of it - go with a pro!

Because the North Cascades Highway is closed in the Winter, much of our ski terrain can only be accessed by snowmobile. NCMG guides will show you everything you need to know to safely operate a snowmobile to reach the trailhead we will be touring from. We have numerous snowmobiles that we utilize and carry all of our gear on a cargo sled that the guide will tow behind his machine. This also allows us to bring extra clothes, emergency equipment and lots of hot cocoa that we can leave back at the machines for the end of the day.