The best granite in the state


Many PNW climbers consider Index to be Washington’s finest crag. And for good reason! Index is home to some of the highest quality granite with a dense concentration of climbs in every style. If you’re seeking short approaches, dramatic scenery and classic single and multi-pitch climbing, look no further. Whether it’s perfect splitter cracks, knobby face climbs, or high friction slab you’re into, Index has it all! 


Climbing in Index is not to be missed by any seasoned climber living in the area or traveling through. While the list is exhaustive, some of the area classics on the must-do list include the Great Northern Slab (5.7), Senior Citizens in Space (5.7+),  Godzilla (5.9), Princely Ambitions (5.9), Toxic Shock (5.9), GM Route (5.9), Tatoosh (5.10b), Rattletale (5.10b), and Davis-Holland/Lovin’ Arms (5.10c). These range from single pitch climbs to multi-pitch routes up to 700’.


With all the recent development in the past few years, Index now has more to offer than ever before with a wide range of climbing from beginner/intermediate climbing to advanced routes alike. While famous for its abundance of amazing crack climbs, Index also has great face and slab climbing for all levels with many new sport climbs being added each season. With close proximity to the Seattle area, Index is a great place to transfer your gym climbing to the outdoors and learn some new movement skills.


Sample Itineraires


A typical beginner to intermediate day might start at the Lower Lump which has a quick 2-minute approach and a wide variety of warm up pitches from 5.6 to 5.9. From there we might head over to the nearby Lower Town Wall, and climb the Great Northern Slab (5.7, 3 pitches) or some of the fantastic single pitch routes like, Princely Ambitions, Roger’s Corner, or Godzilla (all 5.9). To finish the day, we might go into the Inner Walls (15 minute approach) and climb Toxic Shock (5.9) and some classic routes at the K-Cliff (5.8 -5.10) or head to the Country area and climb the GM route (5.9, 3 pitches).


For the more advanced climber a day might start at the Upper Town Wall (40 minute approach), climbing the incredible 6-pitch Davis Holland/Lovin’ Arms and then heading down to Shady Lane for some afternoon cragging (5.8 - 5.11). Another fantastic day is hiking 25 minutes to Rattletale (5.10b, 3 Pitches), climbing the mega single-pitch Chasin’ the Lizard (5.10a) right next door, and then making the short walk over to Lookout Point for some great craggin with incredible views (5.9 - 5.11)


Interested in building some technical skills like learning how to lead, build anchors, or self-rescue? Want to learn how to aid climb? Index is the perfect place for growing these skills with a variety of teaching venues.


These are just a few of the endless possibilities that Index has to offer! Book today for your custom climbing adventure in Index!


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