Stack the odds in your favor and tune up your Avalanche Rescue Skills this year.

Rescue skills are perishable, and like first aid skills, they should be refreshed every few years. This program is designed for graduates of an AIARE Level 1 course who want to ensure that the rescue skills learned during their course are still fresh in their minds. This is also a great way to keep abreast of best practices in the rescue world, new gear on the market, and insuring that you and your partners on on the same page with this life saving skill set.

The rescue refresher is also a prerequisite to an AIARE Level 2 course. The day will be spent in the field covering safe travel techniques, strategic shoveling, probing and running through beacon drills as well as full rescue scenarios.

Rescue Refresher Course
Program Details
  • Minimum of 2 people
  • Dates can be scheduled on a custom basis. Please contact the office to schedule a course.

Combine this course with a Terrain Assessment Tour to fully round out your avalanche skills.

Rescue Refresher Course

This will be a full day outside practicing real-life avalanche rescue skills. These courses are offered at Washington Pass, Stevens Pass, and Blewett Pass. Depending on location you may use ski lifts, snowmobiles and/or climbing skins to access appropriate terrain. 

Typically these courses are booked privately by a group of backcountry skiers/riders wanting to make sure everyone in their group has the necessary skills in the event of an avalanche involvement. Often times it is a group of skiers or riders headed into a backcountry hut for the week and want to ensure that all of the team members are well prepared in case of an avalanche during their trip.  

At the end of this program, students should be able to: 

  • Describe what to do if they or a member of their party is caught in an avalanche.
  • Identify and be able to use gear necessary for avalanche rescue.
  • Set up a realistic scenario in order to practice an avalanche rescue response.
  • Improve their response skills and times during and after the course with feedback from instructors and peers.
  • Develop a plan for continuing practice.

All students will have the opportunity to get feedback from an instructor on their rescue skills and timed practice in a realistic scenario.

Click the link below to jump start your learning with an AIARE rescue refresher video.  

Gear List
Rescue Refresher Course
Skills Required

Intermediate skiing or riding skills are the minimum requirement. The Washington Pass and Blewett Pass locations require the ability for participants to move through backcountry terrain with either AT skis, Telemark skis or a splitboard. At Stevens Pass participants can take this course on Alpine gear or normal snowboards by using the ski lifts for access. 

Snowmobile riders who would like to take this course can take a course at the Washington Pass location. The course will take place on Highway 20, so even beginning snowmobile riders can participate.