Jeff Ward
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 AMGA certified ski guide Jeff Ward skiing powder in the North Cascades

Could it be true?  Back to back La Nina years?  It has happened in the past.  I know I'm probably starting to think about this a little too early in the year, especially when the climbing is still good, but we just had the first dusting of snow on the ridge above my house and people keep talking about another La Nina year.  Here's what the October 6th NOAA La Nina Watch states for the synopsis:  "La Niña conditions are expected to gradually strengthen and continue through the Northern Hemisphere winter 2011-12".  If you want to read the entire discussion click on this NOAA Link.  If you just want to watch some ski porn from last year's La Nina, you can always check out some of our videos, like this one or this.

We've already had a bunch of people sign up for this year's Backcountry Season Pass, so I must not be the only one thinking about skiing already.  For all of you die-hard skier's out there, keep your fingers crossed for another La Nina winter.....