Index is home to some of the best granite climbing in the state of Washington. The climbing is similar to what you would find in places like Yosemite or Squamish. Index is best known for it’s difficult crack and face climbs but there are many quality moderate routes as well. Routes such as Godzilla (5.9), Great Northern Slab (5.7), Pisces (5.6), Princely Ambitions (5.9) and Breakfast of Champions (5.10a) are just a few of the classic moderate routes on the Lower Town Wall.

Index is the perfect place to hone your crack climbing skill. It’s easy to find climbs of all sizes from tips to off-widths and chimneys. It’s a great place to become a well-rounded climber. We like using this location to help people prepare for larger objectives in the mountains or to introduce them to leading traditionally protected climbs. It’s also the perfect place to learn how to aid climb.

Index is located on the West side of the Cascades which usually means cooler temperatures in the summer months and wetter conditions when the weather is unsettled. If Mazama or Vantage is looking too hot for climbing, Index can often 10 to 20 degrees cooler and the lower wall has large trees that help shade the belay stances.

We offer trips to Index throughout the Spring, Summer and Fall on a custom basis. Contact our office today to book your day of climbing at one of the best climbing destinations in Washington.

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