Patagonia Sunshade Technical Hoody

Josh Cooley
Submitted by Josh Cooley on Thu, 07/27/2017 - 09:51

Patagonia Sunshade Technical Hoody

Patagonia Sunshade Technical Hoody

by Matt Walker


I fear the sun. Really fear it. Too many sunburns as a kid. Too many sun burns in my 20s. Too many sun burns. 

I’ve tried all sorts of shenanigans in the mountains to hide from the sun (I’ve even used a parasol while teaching crevasse rescue skills…it doesn’t work very well FYI). 

Enter the newly refined and updated Patagonia Sunshade - Tech Hoody. Previous iterations were too heavy, not enough stretch, and dark in color…not this bad boy! 

Soft, supple, stretchy, and full coverage. This is the cat’s meow of technical sun gear. Be warned it is cut baggy, but that is a good thing, which allows for increased breathability and less restriction for movement when the sun and heat are out in a combined effort to make you melt into the glacier. 

Bonus: thumb holes to allow you give the backs of your hands full coverage as well. They thought of it all with this one. 


Fear the sun no more. Sun be gone! Well, nasty UV rays be gone, I’ll take sunny days in the hills any day.