Alpine Rock - Grade II 5.6 600'

The South Arete is one of the most joyful climbs we have ever done. While it has a very moderate rating, many of our guides consider it a favorite climb. The combination of a beautiful, scenic approach, great rock, fun climbing and awesome exposure make this one hard to beat.


The route has a long season and can be done in the very early or late season with snow on the route for a full alpine experience. During the bulk of the climbing season, it is dry and offers a mix of great scrambling and short steps of low fifth class climbing. It is a great climb for moving quickly in preparation for a bigger alpine objective or having a comfortable relaxed day on a spectacular perch on the highest summit of the Early Winter massif.

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Skills Required

This is a climb that can be accomplished by most people, even with a minimal climbing background. While the climbing is fairly easy, it feels real enough and often exposed enough, that you will certainly feel like you have just climbed a mountain.