Equipment List - Rock Climbing

Larry Goldie
Submitted by Larry Goldie on Wed, 05/01/2013 - 01:28

A Useful Reminder: Remember, nothing can ruin a day in the outdoors faster than having the wrong clothes for the weather at hand.  All our programs – even our basic rock climbing instruction – are subject to rapid and severe changes in the weather.  Select garments that are warm, lightweight and durable.  Generally speaking, the best arrangement is to think in terms of layers – a system that dries quickly, allow flexibility and resists wind, water and abrasion.  If you have doubts about a specific garment’s a

Equipment List - Alpine Rock

Jeff Ward
Submitted by Jeff Ward on Wed, 11/21/2012 - 23:53


This is a general equipment list for alpine rock climbing in the North Cascades.  Please contact your guide for more specific recommendations for clothing and gear.  For clothing we recommend you carry items that are breathable, allow flexibility, reisist wind and water, and based on a layering system.  If you have any questions please contact our office or your guide.

Black Diamond's New Backcountry Skis

Jeff Ward
Submitted by Jeff Ward on Sun, 04/01/2012 - 00:00

Black Diamond will be launching a new line of backcountry skis next season.  To help get the word out the BD crew headed out to the North Cascades with a group of ski writers to see how they liked the new skis.  Larry, Paul and Jeff had the pleasure of skiing with the crew using snowmobiles and the helicopter to access the high-alpine backcountry ski terrain around Washington Pass.